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Our mission is comprehensive care of an athlete’s personality. The aim is to turn them into professionals – in both professional and personal life. With our help, our clients gain the attributes that allow them to be successful at wider scale than at sports field. Versatility of our approach is especially important in the preparation of youth athletes. We help to build them strong life basics, which they benefit in senior sport.

BNC Sport Institute

We help adult sportsmen to replace inappropriate habits by the new ones. All of our interventions lead to a one main goal – top control over own performance.

BNC Sport Programs

Our goal is the best performance and the personal developement is the way to success.

BNC Sport Camps

As well as you, all of your opponents have trained at least 10,000 hours. We can provide you the unique approach that makes the difference – to benefit to the top.

The story of BIZNETClinic in David Trunda’s hands.

  • David Trunda

    David Trunda

David Trunda is a native of Šternberk upon Haná. His business career goes far into the past. Let’s start from the very beginning. He has always loved sport, especially hockey. He even played hockey in his hometown, Šternberk. He dedicated his student’s years to sports activities – he studied the Faculty of Physical education and Sport at Palacky University in Olomouc, as well as the Faculty of Philosophy.

After his studies, he lived in Sweden for seven years. He started to build his successful career there, he led local ice-hockey team and took care of its marketing. He gained a lot of experience from his time spent in Sweden, based on quality, reliability and honest relations. After his return to the Czech Republic,

he owned the marketing rights to the Czech PGA. Since than he had arranged prestige golf tournaments all over the Europe for several years. He became the boss of the Czech European Tour. In fact, he participated in building the Czech European Tour from scratch in cooperation with Relmost company.

He led Czech Football Club, SK Slavia Praha. He was a vice president of the board, board member and the CEO. SK Slavia Praha successfully got out of debts and became a great football team again at the time of the management team operations.

David Trunda has hockey in his blood, so after experiencing the world of football he returned to hockey as the CEO of Czech hockey team, HC Kometa Brno.

  • David Trunda

    David Trunda

Our team.

The winner of Miss Czech Republic.

Jana is capable of moderating in Czech and English.

Graduated pharmacy doctor.

Since 2006 Jana is having experiences with moderating wide scale of as cultural, presentation and sports events such as balls, receptions, grand openings, press conferences, diplomatic meetings, congresses, teambuilding’s, Christmas evenings, golf tournaments etc.

Price varies upon the event. Please feel free to contact us and set free personal meeting.

Masters degree in Media Management. Profound additional training in Rhetorics.

Radek is young representative media professional. He is fully skilled in moderating sports, cultural and company events. He is also a motivational speaker and produces his own live talk show based on his travelling experience.

Due to his professional profile he is able to deliver full media service for our clients.

A woman of many professions. Her passion is English. Every work she did was focused on this language. She studied at pedagogical faculty at Palacky University in Olomouc.

During her studies she worked part-time as an English lecturer for language agency. After her studies, she continued in teaching this language adults in companies.

To deepen her knowledges, she became a HelenDoron teacher. As she still has English as her hobby and moreover love children, she focuses on teaching them too.

Our projects.

David Trunda has been in charge of one of the most famous hockey clubs in the Czech republic, HC Kometa Brno, since 2016. This club is one of the most successful ones in Czech and can enjoy strong fan base as well.
BIZNETClinic is in cooperation with Lyoness, an international customer loyalty and refund system. This system can be used only by partner companies of Lyoness.
After becoming the CEO of SK Slavia Praha in 2015, David Trunda ended the bad times when suffered from Slavia debts and brought it back to light. Together with the management of Slavia, he got the club out of struggles and set this famous club with a long history on the right way again.
David Trunda bought Czech PGA rights after coming back from Sweden. He held many golf tournaments in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. He was the director of Czech Masters European Tour, an original project built from scratch in Czech. Nowadays, BIZNETClinic is still in close cooperation with the European Tour.

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