Our mission

Our mission is comprehensive care of an athlete’s personality. The aim is to turn them into professionals – in both professional and personal life. With our help, our clients gain the attributes that allow them to be successful at wider scale than at sports field. Versatility of our approach is especially important in the preparation of youth athletes. We help to build them strong life basics, which they benefit in senior sport.

We equip athletes by the skills needed to succeed

We help adult sportsmen to replace inappropriate habits by the new ones.

All of our interventions lead to a one main goal – top control over own performance.


Our approach is based on the balance of the athletes three attributes MIND – BODY – SOUL. Complex development in all three aspects lead athlete to become competitive at the international level.

Where to continue?

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David Trunda


+420 739 458 883

Dominik Verner

Sports manager

+420 776 116 635

Marek Křovák

Executive manager

+420 736 675 454
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